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For a piece of clothing that has been around for decades, if not centuries, mens velvet blazers sure do deserve a lot of the credit for the direction towards the elegance, that menswear has taken. With chic, chivalric overtones, and luxury designs, velvet blazers are the main item that gentlemen, real gentlemen, who admire great character and a professional look, just can not seem to ignore! The thing about the mens velvet blazer jacket is that it is avilable in so many different patterns, cuts, and etc. From single buttoned, to the traditional burgundy velvet blazer, the style has been one to be admired, and for a really good reason -- the elegant look. Here is a closer look at why velvet blazers in two particular styles are worth getting.

Single button velvet blazer
The single buttoned velvet blazer is one that is known to impress. Whether worn professionally, or casually, the guy who wears this attractive style will seriously, never fail to look modern, and really approachable. One of the key ways to sport this look is with a white dress shirt - tie not necessary. Sticking with a simple, neat look will do wonders for any guy looking for a quick boost in style. Mores suggested mens velvet blazer styles.

Burgundy velvet blazer jackers
Burgundy fashion blazers for stylish men have always been the main  style pick for men who adore blazers. There is nothing that speaks style pour homme, more than a burgundy velvet blazer. Modern men are smart enough to know that certain items, even though traditional, just can never really be stashed away into the closet! Sporting a burgundy velvet blazer is an excellent way to stay ahead of style. More selected velvet blazers for men fashion designs.

Though there are many other popular styles of mens velvet blazer styles, the single buttoned and burgundy styles are among the top styles that fashionable gentlemen are wearing. Sticking with a neat, clean look will ensure that you are up to date in style, approachable, and really elegant!

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